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Meridian Industries is a multi-national group that was established in year 1999. Meridian Industries (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd is the headquarter located in Singapore. The group comprises the following subsidiaries in Singapore, China and Hong Kong:

     - Meridian Energy (Singapore) Pte Ltd

     - Meridian Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd 

     - Meridian Industries (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd      

     - Meridian Industries (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd

     - Meridian Industries (Chongqing) Co., Ltd

     - Meridian Industries (Nanjing) Co., Ltd 



Meridian Energy (Singapore) Pte Ltd is specialized in providing solar energy consultation and products for Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and other regions in the world. All our products are backed up by world's leading solar energy technologies and mass production capability.


Meridian Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd develops software suite of project management tools, which are applicable to various product development organizations, especially software development. The tools conform to the CMM / CMMI standards. Training and consultation on the tools as well as optimized project development process is also provided. 


Our subsidiaries in China and Hong Kong import semiconductor manufacture equipments to China. We have invested in two semiconductor  manufacture enterprises in China and have obtained distributorship for the following companies / products:  

         - Shenzhen Zhenhua Telecommunication Equipment Co.,  Ltd / CDMA & GSM wireless switches  

         - ESEC Semiconductor Corporation (Switzerland) / semiconductor encapsulation equipments  

         - ESL Corporation (USA) / electronic paste

         - Honeywell Investment Co., Ltd / electrical and chemical materials

         - Dupont (USA) / electronic and chemical materials (including electronic paste)

         - Hyundai Electronics (Korea) / IC and semiconductor equipments


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